Now that everything is stuffed into your car, including some people and yourself, you’re ready to roll up to that college campus and find your dorm and from there your room- one thing I want to start with: good luck man. And I certainly don’t mean that in a mean or rude way, but in … Continue reading Arrival

One-Sided Love

One-sided love is not love. It’s torture. It’s waiting for something that might never happen. It’s looking at someone who doesn’t see you. It’s looking at your phone hoping they’d text you or call you as they call someone else. One-sided love is not love. It’s a battlefield. You’re battling your emotions. You’re battling your … Continue reading One-Sided Love


Alright, here’s the toughest part- getting those letters of acceptance, or rejection, back in the mail or online or wherever you might find them. If you did early, then you’ll be getting your letters back in early December or January. If you did regular, then you’ll be getting your letters back in March or April. … Continue reading Acceptance


Wow, now you’ve gotten pretty far into the process. You know where your applications are being sent to, when they’re due, and which reply you most look forward to. I know this time is stressful and scary, and it’s hard to juggle everything you’ve got going on, what with senior year and knowing you have … Continue reading Applying