How to Love Yourself

How do you improve the toughest relationship in your life? The short answer- love yourself, dammit. But that’s simply too hard to do every day with ease. So it must be done in little steps, small actions that may just be the little extra love necessary to get you through your day.

  1. Take a nice, hot bath and read a book with a beautiful story inside it- tune out the world for a bit
  2. Give yourself a bit of a spa day- face mask, lotion, the whole nine yards. Learn the parts of your body you never paid attention to, like the space between your toes and skin behind your ears
  3. Take a nap- I know you’re not getting enough sleep, so might as well get some now
  4. Strip your bed and put on some nice new sheets, then add some soft blankets on top. Make it the bed of your dreams and make sure whenever you look at it it reminds you of comfort
  5. Put on your nicest lingerie and some fuzzy socks, and a robe if you’re feeling the chill, then crash and watch a movie or two, throw in a blanket for extra warmth
  6. Have to go out for some mundane tasks? Throw on some jeans and put on that top you’ve been too shy to wear, and if you want, pack on the makeup- make yourself feel beautiful
  7. Take a selfie, or two, or a hundred- remind yourself how gorgeous you are
  8. Grab a paper and pen and write down your crazy jumble of feelings. Feel each emotion rush through you and unto the paper- do not be ashamed of all that you feel
  9. Treat yourself- something small that’ll arrive on your stoop in a few short days as a little gift to yourself
  10. Do that thing you always wanted to do but never did and now it’s just another line on your age old bucket list- even if it’s just trying on that bold new lipstick
  11. Call your friend you haven’t see in a long time if only to tell them you still love them
  12. Write a letter to your parents and thank them for all they’ve done, then seal it up and send it on its way- wait a couple days for a call of gratitude
  13. Write yourself a letter with all that you hope to accomplish in 10 years. Then seal it and put it somewhere safe and wait
  14. Plan something wonderful in the near future and get excited for it- let yourself look forward to something
  15. Emotional? Pull out a blank sheet of paper and let the feelings flow out of you until you have created your own personal form of art, then tuck it away somewhere it will last

And sometimes, you just gotta make fun of yourself and live in the moment, because that’s all that you can really do.

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