Your Life

“Your life will be a mess sometimes; a big fat mess of broken alcohol bottles and tears racing down your cheeks at 3 a.m. It will be failing math tests and not getting into the college you applied for. It will be the boy you love falling in love with another girl and your best friend moving across the country. It will be the world caving in and you not being able to breathe and it will be shaky hands and slurred words and beating hands- but it will also be beautiful.

It will be road trips across the country with your best friend with the radio loud and your heart so free that it feels like it’s going to explode out of your chest. It will be late nights on the roof with only the stars above you and you’re holding the boy you love and he murmurs into your ear that he loves you back. It will be early mornings with the sunlight draped across your back as you’re curled beneath the sheets soaked with the same light that fills your soul. It will be midnight bonfires on the beach and falling asleep with your eyes sparkling and you heart pounding and the waves that tossed you around filling your lungs. It will be dancing in the middle of the street at midnight with your feet brushing the ground and hair tangled with wonder and euphoria.

It will be comfort, love, light and freedom. It will be finding yourself in things you love and losing yourself there too. It will be drunken kisses, shaking breaths and warm heartbeats. It will be magic. You just gotta wait.”

– source: @poemsporn_ // instagram

So here’s to 2017- let’s make it a good one

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