Missed Connections

“It was 4:30 pm, you were rushing through the crowded streets, coffee cup in hand, trying to spot a taxi to carry you off to the airport. You crashed into someone and spilled your coffee all over their shirt.

You let out a slew of curse words and hoped that this person wasn’t as angry as they could’ve been.

Surprsingly, they weren’t.

You caught their eyes as they smiled at you for a split second.

‘Say, you seem awfully busy today, don’t you?’

You let out a small chuckle, nodded your head, apologized and told them you were running late. And as anyone would do, they let you go. So you scurried off to meet a taxicab in the swell of traffic.

You never heard from that stranger again.

Maybe you were supposed to forget your responsibilities for a second.

Maybe you were supposed to hold a conversation with that stranger just a little bit longer.

But if something was supposed to happen between the two of you, you will never know.

Hundreds of missed connections a day.

It’s almost insignificant,


I know that heartbreak is sad. When an overwhelming love has to come to an end, it’s tragic.

But there’s something just as tragic about a love that never has the chance to begin.”

-@morsusengel (source: @poemsporn_ // instagram)

For more, check out “When I Have Fears”, “Healing Broken Hearts”, “A Thousand Loves”, “Oblivion”, “Missed Connections” and “Compassion for Strangers”


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