A Hundred Small Universes With You

“There are universes where we don’t meet. Universes where we go to different schools and feel different things and live different lives. Universes where my eyes forget the color of yours and I am drowning in someone else’s blues.

There is a universe where we are purple with the sky and the smoke and the streetlights and your eyes are on me and my eyes are on everything and the wind picks us both up by the chins; whispers all the things we’re too afraid to say.

One where my hands are all you and you are everywhere and I am floating in the pink of your cheeks and your lips and the tips of your fingers and the air smells like cherry liquor and the backseat of your father’s car.

One where we kiss and the car doesn’t stop moving. Where we drive in the empty yellows and faraway stars and the sun hides behind you eyes knows it’s place.

One where the sky sets itself on fire for us, where we lose ourselves in the dark of each other and still manage to find a way out. Where we tie lifelines to our wrists and pull at them when the heavy catches up to us.”

– rbcages (source: @poemsporn_ // instagram)

For more, check out “Missed Connections”, “Most Days”, “A Thousand Loves”, “When I Met You” and “Losing You”


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