A Thousand Loves

“I know you broke my heart, and I must thank you for that. It may have hurt me a bit but it turned out to be the best metamorphosis, for the sound of clashing heart into a thousand pieces I have had more reasons to look forward to life, to fall in love with life and this world in a thousand ways with all these pieces, I now leave a piece of my heart to all places I go, cities and towns, people I meet and fall in love with and do not get to keep, friendships that don’t last longer than expected, things that are essential to lose in the way of life, the beauty of abstract, the joy of unknown, the euphoria of unexplored and yet after all this I get to keep a piece of my heart to myself.

You may not love me anymore but I realized that I don’t need it as I have so much love for life and all the things that are offered to us. I don’t need your love because I wake up every morning and fall in love with the birds chirping outside my window, and the sun shining high in the sky and the smiles people exchange even if they don’t know each other.

Why would I need a single love when I have a thousand different ones?”

-life and art (via optimisticpaperdaze & giulswrites)

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