“The night sky was beautiful, alight with tiny flickers of life that let me leave this world behind and find another and another, showing me that that which I was surrounded by was unimportant, taking up so little space in such vastness.

I wished I was elsewhere for so long but I finally saw I was everywhere and nowhere, an atom drifting through time and space with a bit more luck and spirit than the rest. I looked in the eyes of the lowly and smiled, seeing my own reflection in their simple lives. Their seemingly demeaning work was their source of wealth, sure, but it provided them with such pride and happiness it seemed hard to deny them that little. I looked with kindness upon those society tried to reject, those that had big ideas but few means, those which life threw aside but they fought back because they knew they were better than anything that came at them. To me, these people were the ones worth looking at, worth exploring. I kept my head straight as men and women walked by, those that eyed me up and down before making their final judgement that I used to yearn to change, yet now shrug off easily. Their pretense at perfection ruined all that is good and true of this life.

Someone once said that if you live so precariously that you never made a mistake, then you have never really lived. So I stare at the mosaic the stars at night create and smile, enjoying the view of my own ignorance and lack of importance in such never ending vastness.”

-Giorgia Piantanida

For more, check out When I Have Fears and 4 AM


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