Loving Yourself (Pt. 4)

Self love is always important, so here’s a little list with ways you can help yourself in your journey to fully loving yourself. Try to follow these tips and tricks every day- they’re worth it in the long run, I promise!

This list was made with the help of Julia Pusateri, so once again, I thank you.

– don’t compare yourself to others

– exercise

– let go of mistakes from the past

– embrace the unknown

– don’t judge others

– respect yourself

– stop trying to ‘fit in’

– get dressed up

– indulge in your passions

– get lost in yourself

– love

– if it feels wrong, don’t do it

– say exactly what you mean

– trust your instincts

– never give up on your dreams

– never speak bad about yourself

– don’t be afraid to say no

– let go of what you can’t change

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