College Vs. High School

Whether in high school or struggling to get through college, relationships are everywhere. Every which way you look, there are people mingling and chatting and trying to define themselves through some sort of series of relationships. It’s always about who you know, and why you know them, and in the end, that often becomes the reason some get ahead and some lag behind.

In high school, you start knowing many and hoping you’ll stay close with all of them, wanting to have as many friends as possible and always be surrounded by people who promise to stick by your side for the rest of your life. Yet as the years go on and classes change and drama increases, and suddenly you find yourself losing friends left and right, left with just one or two close ones that you call every time you feel sad and lonely.

Then one day it’s the middle of the summer and college is less than a month away and ripping yourself away from your friends and family seems like the end of the world. But you step unto that campus and suddenly realize you’re surrounded by thousands of new souls, in bodies that have been worn out through the years, all holding a story that’s itching to jump out. And suddenly friendship has a completely new meaning- it’s all about living in synch and having schedules that flow, and sharing four of the most important years of your life. Friends turn into family faster than you realize, and they turn into more than just people you call when you’re lonely- they turn into people you couldn’t imagine living without, people you can’t even see leaving your life, ever. You see a future spread out before you with them in it, weddings and baby showers and postcards from remote vacations, and the idea that you once had a life without them in it seems strange and unfamiliar.

And that’s the difference. High school and college. There is a strange sense of detachment among many high school relationships, as though there’s something missing. Yet in college, living every second together and sharing experiences that are simply once in a lifetime makes every relationship that much deeper, that much more meaningful. It’s all about the thrill of first time freedom and an independence that you feel flowing through every fiber of your being, unlike anything you ever experienced in high school. Suddenly, it’s as though you’re finally a teenager, like in one of those movies, and every choice you make is yours, and every consequence is completely yours, fully and unashamedly yours.

Relationships upgrade with college, and for many, college makes or breaks them. It strains them and sometimes rips them, but it creates the ultimate test. As some would say, it turns into make it or break it time


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