For You

I’m writing this to you to remind you everything’s not as tragic as you may think

Whenever you feel like the world’s against you and all you want is to crawl under the covers, don’t.

Remember that there’s a big world left to explore.

Remember that there’s people who love you who would bend over backwards to see your wired smile.

As much as you might get mad, think twice before you speak. Remember, those words you want most forgiven will never be forgotten.

This life is too vast and too beautiful to waste time fighting and hating others.

In your fingers are incredible potentials and your legs will take you where you want them to because the future belongs to you

Live for yourself, leave beautiful pieces of your soul in those you love, and in those you don’t, leave beautiful words

Don’t let others dull your shine, and never let someone tell you how to live

I know it’s nice to believe you’ll always be able to hold someone else’s hand, but you won’t, so love yourself. Become your own first love.

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