Through The Years

I was taught at a young age:

Smile when it hurts,

Cover up the bruises,

Don’t slouch and keep your chin up.

When I was 4, I fell and bruised my knee

My mommy kissed it and put a band-aid on it to stop the bleeding and I simply ran along

When I was 9, the boy I liked called me ugly

I cried and told my mom and she simply smiled and said, “You’re beautiful.”

When I was 12, the guy I liked played with my heart

I cried but I ran to no one, staying under my covers all night

When I was 14, I wanted to kill myself

I wrote the note but addressed it to my mom like a fool, and slowly pulled at the strings holding my family together

When I was 15, I hated myself and everything I stood for

I cried at night and smiled throughout the day, pulling myself apart to stitch my family together

When I was 16, I saw a light in the dark void

I ran to no one, knowing my burden was too heavy, but slowly healed myself

I put bandaids on my oozing wounds and stitched my severed heart back together

I covered my war torn face with foundation and cover up, remembering back to a time when the world had left me innocent, and death seemed like a scary event that would only accompany old age

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