What is love?

Love can be construed as many things, but first and foremost, it’s respect, and devotion, and loyalty, and sacrifice, and pain. It’s having an urge to get to know someone’s whole soul, all their ins and outs, without being afraid of what may be hiding. It’s being willing to cut yourself on their jagged edges, no matter how much of your own blood might mingle among their broken pieces. It’s pulling out a torch and being brave enough to plunge into their dark and ugly past and seeing all the pain and hurt they’ve had to endure and still clutching their hand at the end of the journey.

Love is limitless and indescribable, a whirlwind of emotions that tear through your heart and make it hammer in your chest, causing your palms to be sticky with sweat, a drop or two of sweat falling from your brow. Love is smiles and giggles and a hurricane of anger all wrapped up in one, emotions falling all over the place but your heart always smiling. It’s feeling your heart be in the right place, but your feelings jumping too fast for you to keep up with.

There are not enough words to describe what love is like, and yet people try to make it beautiful with pretty words strung together just right. It’s not. If it’s anything, it’s not beautiful. It’s chaos and it’s ugly and full of tears and screams, but we do it because it’s powerful. It’s electric and life changing and unforgettable, but most of all, it’s essential to our struggle towards something better, something beautiful.

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