A Smile

I’ve always been one for the latest accessories, and when they told me a smile was the best accessory, I just knew I had to have it.

I spent days and nights painting it on carefully, making it graceful and beautiful and perfect, just so I could keep up with the trends. Even when there were tears welling up somewhere behind my eyes, all you would see was this gorgeous row of blindingly white teeth.

And it worked, god, did it work. All you fools ever thought of me as was the girl with the smile on show and laugh in her back pocket.

Because of my excellent work, how in the world would you ever know that that very girl spent nights crying over her blinding smile and tinkling laugh- well, that was the point. Because, I found, people are fools, all of them- they just see what they want to see, and tricking them was the easiest game to win in the world.

But now I’m on the edge of the world, balancing somewhere between insanity and rage, and I have no where to go- so I ask, how fashionable is my smile really?


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