Usually, bras are made to be hidden and serve only as support, but lately, there’s been a wonderful surge in bralettes. Usually lacy and low in support, bralettes are such a fun way to change your outfit in a flash without having to put in some overwhelming amount of effort. 

The easiest and most low key way to wear a bralette is always under a sweatshirt or t-shirt, in a way that doesn’t necessarily highlight it. This way of wearing it is mostly for oneself, in the way that I see it. Because simply wearing one and knowing it’s on you rather than some sports bra you had lying around for days changes the way you feel about your look very quickly. It increases your esteem and makes your day that much better- always a good idea when everything else seems to be falling apart too fast.

A great way to wear a bralette in order to be seen is under a button up and letting it peak through a little- a bit of a cute addition to the outfit without having to add too much. And along with that, any low cut top tends to be improved with some lacey bra. They add a little bit of a more feminine feel, and are always a super fun way to change your look quickly.

Comfortable, cheap (ish) and easy to show, bralettes are a wonderful new fashion trend (better than the push ups from a couple years back if you ask me) and they seem to be working towards marking their territory, permanently. Whether it’s from Aerie, Victoria’s or Urban, make sure to stop by and try your hand at this new trend- don’t be too shy to flirt a bit with your more feminine side.

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