“I challenge you to be alone; I challenge you to dig deep and find out who you are.

I challenge you to look at the face in the mirror and love yourself as much as you love other people because those other people you love and admire so much- they have flaws and bad habits and problems, too.

Stop pouring all your heart and energy into people who don’t want it, into people who don’t respect you and treat you well. Pour that heart and energy into yourself.

Don’t text people who don’t respond. Don’t call someone because you’re lonely- instead, be lonely. Deal with the loneliness and find a way within yourself to fill the gaps in your heart.

Being alone will teach you just how strong you are.

You will become the best version of yourself and that’s what’s truly important. You won’t change who you are anymore depending on who you’re around. You can walk away from friendships that are draining. You can enjoy going to get coffee alone. You can say no to people who aren’t keeping your best intentions at heart. You can be vulnerable because you know who you are. It will allow you to be able to form better relationships with everyone in your life, including yourself.

I challenge you to be alone, truly alone, because it can be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself. Learn who you are, then spread that love you’ve found within to the rest of the world.”

-@becs_03 via @thoughtcatalog // source: @poemsporn_ (instagram)

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