Sometimes, just seeing that word is enough to make you want to stop what you’re doing and rip your hair out. Other times, those 8 letters do enough to make your heart fall out of your chest, because you just miss them too much, the love you feel for them almost too much for your little heart. However you may feel about them, they are have an enormous impact on your life, both positive and sometimes negative.

I have seen sibling dynamics all my life, starting with my own, and am pretty sure that no relationship is the same as another. Each one has its own problems and its own environment from which those problems stem. Each family situation is in itself so unique, and from that, sibling dynamics must develop in vastly different ways.

I have seen dynamics that are full of rivalry, both loving and spiteful, sometimes incited by parents and sometimes not. I have seen ones full of fake fronts and anger hiding behind plastic smiles, but also ones so full of genuine love that they make it seem impossible for anger and hate to even exist.

Personally, I have had a rather positive experience with my sibling, who’s four years younger and still a little kid in my eyes. At times I become fiercely protective of her, and sometimes I want nothing more than get a good jab at her. But as time has aged the both of us, and decreased the distance between the two of us, I have grown fonder and more appreciative of her. We have both grown in our respective roles, and have come to know each other better than we could’ve ever hoped to, and hopefully, time will only serve to strengthen that relationship.

Yet as good as my experience has been, or how positive it has been for other friends of mine, I have seen broken sibling relationships in many people who are close to me. Relationships made of lies and false pretenses that simply caused pain and tears as time went on, and although hard to do, when those relationships are cut off everything becomes ultimately happier and, arguably, better. Seeing such relationships fall apart is surely painful and ugly, but sometimes bad things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Living in the same family, with similar expectations and a subtle layer of competition coating every single action, it’s hard to feel the love at all times. But if it’s always there, somewhere deep inside, then cherish your wonderful relationship with the person who could very well be your best friend, or most likely, the one who knows you better than most. Don’t let go of something so precious as the only person (or people) that can understand your home life from all that first hand experience, and hopefully, will always be there to hold your hand and watch you shine bright.

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