It Gets Better

“Sometimes life is simply just hard. It is. Sometimes you just hit rock bottom. Your world stops. And while you see the world continues to turn quite normally for everyone else– yours seems completely wrong.

And during those times, it also seems the cracks keep getting bigger. One more struggle. One more loss. One more thing you’ve got to carry in the already so heavy load on your shoulders. Tears come. Many of them. And fear. And longing. For things to be different. Or back to the way they were. Or to stay the same.

Life seems like a mess of puzzle pieces without a picture that don’t seem to fit together. But then something happens. Maybe it’s a moment. Maybe it’s a new day. But somehow, the purpose starts to unfold.

The reason starts to become clear for why things had to happen like that. As painful or hard or life-changing as it may be. And you learn. You learn that sometimes life just sucks. It does. But it doesn’t ever stay that way. It’s a season. And it’s going to pass. And something new is going to come in its place. And you’re going to be ok.

So I guess the secret is this– while the pieces are falling into place, stay strong. Keep believing that all of these struggles are giving you strength. And loss is the universe setting you ready for a time you’re going to need a little less to carry. Everything is going to be ok. And it’s going to make sense.

Don’t give up. Keep fighintg. Wait for it, sweet soul. Just wait for it. It’s coming.”

-@liveinthedetails (source: @poemsporn_ // instagram)

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