This week, I decided that talking about clothes and fashion was getting slightly repetitive and we ought to shake it up, just for the sake of it. And that is why my topic of choice this week happens to be my favorite new Facebook trend, memes.

Now, as of late, I’ve been seeing a decline in them on my feed, since this whole Trump fiasco started occurring, which makes me very sad because I go on Facebook to avoid responsibility and forget all the wrongs in this world, but I often wind up being reminded instead.


Shoutout to my sister for reminding me of this amazing meme- kills me, just look at it. I can’t.

Anyways, no more ranting about how annoying the world is, and let’s direct our attention back to memes. My obsession started last semester, in the midst of finals week, as I tried to avoid work and procrastinate in the library. I started getting tagged in and tagging people left and right, so much so that hardly five minutes went by in which I didn’t have a plethora of Facebook notifications. I just found memes to be so wildly relatable and as though they understood my struggle and were there to help me out.

When I was home over winter break, a common question that came up was what exactly a meme was (courtesy of my parents). I kept finding myself struggling for a valid definition, and the most I could come up with was something that made fun of society, either as a whole or a small sector of it. But I realized that this literally meant nothing, and the only way they kind of began to understand was to just show them. And now I can say I have a meme-loving family, and I’m unsure how to feel about that.

Anyways, memes are wonderful. Not only can you usually relate to them spiritually, but they also make you feel a little less alone in your problems and show you that you’re not the only one dying under the stress of life nor are you the only one who single and unsure how to mingle.

So yes, here’s to memes, because they make the world go round (at least my world). 


For more, check out Why trends?


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