Urban dictionary defines a soulmate as, ‘a person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet- a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before.’ While this is a perfect definition, it tends to draw people towards a purely romantic view of a soulmate, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Soulmates can easily come in the form of friendship, as they can come in the form of a romantic partner.

Friend soulmates are never too obvious- they can appear as regular people who won’t have a big impact on your life and may live on the fringes of your life until you decide to let them in. And once they’re in, an insurmountable amount of love fills your heart, and it’s as if you can finally be who you always were, instead of hiding because people wouldn’t understand. Letting in that one person allows you to accept yourself because whenever you speak to them, it’s like coming home. Thankfully, I believe I have found several, but as beautiful an idea this is, there are problems, like with everything else.

Taking the first dive, the first dip to trust the other person and giving them your heart is just as scary as it sounds. Trusting them blindly with everything you are is terrifying, especially as you are diving face first into the unknown, but that is what makes it special in the end. That fearlessness and bravery you exhibit upon that first jump is something that simply serves to connect you to each other more than can be thought possible. But once the leap is taken for the right person, the love that will fill your life will prove to be more than worth it.

Of course, there is always the traditional definition of a soul mate, one who is exactly like a friend soul mate, but takes it to a new level. They fill your life with romance and love and your souls finally find each other again after years of being lost. Such love is hard to find and maintain, but worth every second.

I would just like to clarify one last thing, and that’s that the fable that says there’s only one soulmate for you is beyond false. There are many soul mates out there for everyone, and each one serves their own purpose. There’s that soulmate for the arts, the one for jokes, the one for loud adventures late at night, and the one for early morning gossip sessions over breakfast. Don’t constrict yourself to one person and make that stop you from spreading your love and trust to others, because you owe it to yourself to find all the love you can.

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