As a trend many had thought had been left somewhere at the bottom of a dumpster too many years ago, it happens to be one of the biggest things to sweep the fashion world in Fall 2016. From trendy suede skirts to questionable suede jackets, this soft, versatile fabric has made a huge comeback, and is definitely something we should all be trying our hand at.

Personally, I was a little trepidatious about buying into this trend. I wasn’t really sure what articles of clothing I could actually even buy that would look good on me, and even if I had known, I was too scared that the fashion risks involved were too high. Then, one day, I chanced upon a rust-colored suede mini dress, and as soon as I slipped it on, I knew suede had finally wormed it’s way into my life.

Now of course, the shape of the dress was a big factor in me purchasing it, but the bigger, more important thing is that it’s suede. It’s soft and warm and honestly the best alternative to a knit dress that I have ever come across. Not to mention the fabric itself screams winter, making it the perfect option for a night on the town or a spicy dinner with that cute guy from Tinder.

Now to dip back into suedes- after the first dress, I knew I had to get my hands on the much raved about suede skirt. I myself have never been one for skirts, but I like to wear them occasionally because no closet is really full without them. So thankfully, over the course of a month long search for the perfect candidate, I narrowed it down to one lovely suede skirt from Pacsun, under the Kendall and Kylie collection (unfortunately no longer on the site). The fact that it’s black pleased me a lot, and the added decorations on the sides as well as the great fit made it all come together as the one. And man, am I glad I dished out the cash on it. The surprising wintery feel it has along with the adorableness of it just makes it the perfect skirt, and definitely one I’ve already recommended too many times.

Of course, suede may be that trend that has hit it’s high and is now on a slow crawl downwards, but for some reason it feels more permanent than that. Perhaps it’s because of its widespread popularity, or its simple beauty (Puma Fenty’s anyone?), but one thing is for sure, and that is that it’s made a huge impact on fashion today, and will perhaps be influencing it for a long time to come.

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