Internet Friends

What I see as one of the most interesting new relationships you can create today, friends over the internet are endlessly fascinating. One of the biggest arguments I’ve come across about such relationships is if they can even count as real friends if you’ve never met them, never actually seen their face while standing two feet from each other. And I will be the first to admit, I certainly understand that argument, but let’s read a little into it, shall we?

Whether you met ‘em over a fan account or some obscure Tumblr account you made three years, they popped up into your life seemingly out of nowhere, and slowly but surely marked their own little space into it. Friendship milestones with them were so vastly different from all your other friendships, such as the first facetime or the first half day phone call, and the big one- finally meeting each other. Such friendship is so wildly different from the norm, from what many are comfortable with, but that should by no means undermine it. It all really comes down to this: how do you define a friendship?

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of colors, and for many it’s easy to limit them to the people you live on the same street on as or those people you went to school with when you were young, and now they know everything about you because of your constant contact, but that can’t possibly define a friendship, otherwise you’d also be best friends with your doctor and the postman, and once upon a time, with the milkman- but most people aren’t. Friendship is about something that runs deeper, something that resides way deep down inside of you, an almost intoxicating pull to another person, something residing within them working to convince you that you should get ready to easily trust them with all that you are. It’s like a puzzle piece clicking into place, and for that, you don’t often need something physical. It’s all about the emotional aura, the mental availability of someone- all of which makes internet friends more than legitimate.

Sure, they are wildly different, and maybe your relationship is harder to define or describe to outsiders, but that doesn’t undermine the deeper feeling that runs through you that’s making the friendship work. It’s a dynamic all of it’s own, one that perhaps requires more effort and sometimes expenses, but it’s one that works for many and should never be disregarded simply because it’s not the norm- do not let close minded societal expectations stop you from strengthening that relationship that exists half way across the globe. Let the love flow and define your own friendships, because in the end that’s all you’ll have- not other’s expectations, but only yours.


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