Why trends?

So last month I decided to let you guys in on why I chose the main topic of my blog to be relationships, but felt that by just leaving it at that, I wasn’t fully explaining the purpose of the blog.

The name, trends and relations, initially started off as friends and fads. I liked the concept of F and F for some reason, but thought it was too weak and didn’t fully describe all the things I wanted to chat about on here. I didn’t want to limit myself to just friendships, and so I kept looking and waiting, hoping for something better to come to mind. And that’s when today’s name finally popped up.

So why I chose to discuss trends is because not only are the ever changing, they are also quite fun for me to try and keep up with, especially in the fashion world. Sure, how you dress isn’t all that matter about a person, but your first impression is always made by how you present yourself, and I think it’s important to present yourself as well and accurately as possible.

It’s hard to make such an argument and not receive replies that dance somewhere along the lines of the fact that I am simply too shallow, but I can’t help but notice how much what is wearing influences other people’s reactions and attitudes towards them. Not to mention how the person in those clothes acts- sweats usually lead to a more casual, relaxed person whereas a more put together outfit usually leads to a bit more organization and focus on any task at hand.

And of course, clothes and trends and fashion and knowing what’s up is just simply fun. Why not keep up with the latest fad or more interesting memes of the week for the hell of it? I mean, especially when de stressing or simply looking to take a break.



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