Another Thursday, another trend. Perhaps subconsciously that’s why I chose Thursday to be my posting day- a little T & T? Anyways, not the point.img_2008

Today, I’ll be happily discussing one of my favorite trends, which I am so glad has made a comeback. Obviously, I’m talking about Birkenstocks, those sandals that know nothing but comfort and an effortless amount of cool, and I don’t care how many people bother to disagree with me.

I remember going on college visits two years ago and seeing them everywhere on campuses, wondering how and why they existed, but mostly focused on how comfortable were they really and would I be able to pull them off? Admittedly, the first pair I ever bought I saw on my tour guide at Swarthmore College, who was also the swim team captain, which I now happen to be a part of. Coincidences, am I right?

Now these shoes were a big risk for me at the time, because I (and most of those around me) tended to associate Birkenstocks with old people and socks and sandals, so going for a pair that was built more like a flip flop at least kept in my comfort zone.

img_0430But let me tell you, putting those bad boys on and going out on the town was one of the most comfortable journeys I’d ever had to make. Might I mention, not only are they stylish enough to pull your whole outfit together; they also provide a level of comfort that is hard to come by with a simple pair of flip flops.

So yes, I was quickly and effectively sucked in. If it wasn’t for the price, I probably would
own about 70 pairs of them right now. Thankfully, I was recently able to invest in another pair that are helping me get through the cold winter months. Throwing these on with a nice pair of thick socks and leggings not only guarantees all day warmth, but also 24 hour comfort (it’s like you never really took off your pj’s, honestly).

So Birks- 10/10 would recommend. I daresay they’re my all time favorite summer shoe, and you can never really go wrong with any twist on an old classic (I mean, for the most part). So whether you’re looking to spruce up your summer style or simply want the insane comfort these shoes are willing to offer, check em out- I promise it’ll be worth it.


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