Different Types of Love

Sometimes, when you ask someone who’s single whether or not they’re loved, they will shake their head and angrily respond, “No, no one does. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

Hearing those words come out of anyone’s mouth is not only painful, but often makes me scratch my head and wonder whether they are really thinking about what they’re saying. What do you mean no one loves you? Do your parents not count? Your friends, your pets, your siblings, your neighbor, your priest, your teacher? Is their love not enough because they demand no sex from you?

It seems as though we’ve evolved over the years to take that wonderful L word from something that can be qualified by how others treat you and how they make you feel and turned it into something that can only be substantial if sex is involved in it.

To me, a (sometimes) hopeless romantic, it’s very hard to wrap my mind around. Shouldn’t love be worth more if nothing is demanded of you from the other person? Shouldn’t it be worth a little bit more because the only thing expected of you from those who love you is your presence?

Just because it’s not worth writing a book about doesn’t mean your love is any less spectacular or worth any less. Just because it’s not romantic and it’s not something you’re going to shout from the top of every building near you doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Sometimes, the lack of such newsworthy behavior makes it all that much more special because it becomes special and personal- it’s not love that’s for show or being given or shared in order to prove something to someone. Such love is yours and you get to keep it to yourself to carry you through hard times.

There are so many types of people you can build relationships with and so many different ways they show love, and that’s something you must never forget. This world has many types of love, and one must not limit themselves to viewing romance as the only legitimate love. Often, non-romantic relationships can last longer and run deeper than romantic ones, making them that much more special.

Don’t make a romantic relationship a necessity in your life in order to feel loved and validated- open your eyes and see how much love exists around you and embrace it, because you are never alone or unloved so long as you keep your heart and mind open to accept it.


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