How To Show Your Parents Your Point Effectively

Parents, it is well know, are a tough crowd to deal with, mostly because they want the best for us, and the best for us may not be necessarily what we want. Perhaps it’s staying in on a school night even though there’s a once in a lifetime kind of concert happening, or the infamous no dating rule that you’re itching to break. Whatever it is, some major diplomacy is the best way to handle such a situation, and although tough to work through, if done correctly, no matter the outcome, respect can be garnered rather well.

I want to help you out, so here’s some ways that I’ve found to be effective when dealing with confrontations and arguments with my parents.

-pausing and trying to see the situation from their point of view

-diplomacy 101- give them something they want to get something you want

-keep your cool; avoid aggression

-don’t lie and leave out what you know they don’t want to know because they’ll find out eventually anyway

-try to plan your argument out

-butter them up well if you plan on skating on thin ice

-be straight up with everything

-make sure to choose the right moment- the right mood changes everything

-try to keep the conversation private; don’t make a scene

-hear them out and make sure to actually listen to what they’re saying

-ask questions about why they are against your point

-make sure to remain flexible and not stuck in your ways

So yeah, not too much, but I hope this helps you out on those tough arguments I’m sure will ensue in the future. The only thing I would say is that make sure you pick them carefully- sometimes, it’s just not worth your breath and they’re not always wrong- you just gotta think it through each time.


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