For The Girl On The Street

“I love it when you see someone really beautiful, and you just have to, kind of, stop? You know? Stop, and stare?I saw somebody beautiful today. Her hair glowed as the sun beamed across her and she grinned, at what, I don’t know, but she grinned; her braces caught my attention and I found myself smiling, too. You see, she’s the sort of person that probably isn’t model worthy- but let me tell you something, my god was she worthy of my attention. Her eyes gleamed with such happiness and she looked like an angel. I wanted to meet her, but instead, I held the smile on my face that matched hers, and carried on with my day. We hadn’t spoken in those few moments, but she’d lightened my spirits, and my heart felt less heavy. I hope one day she knows how incredible she is.”

-for the girl on the street, @tearstainsandspilledink (source: @poemsporn_ // instagram)


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