Missed Connections

Often, it feels like we’re running in and out of our everyday lives in order to keep up with everything. Between work and homework and socializing and working out and eating and pampering and a million other things, it’s hard to stop and take a breath and let go of the insane amounts of stress many of us often feel. And this way of life makes it much too easy to miss things that could’ve changed our life for the better, forever. Sometimes, we just move too quickly and miss the little things that could’ve made that difference.

Think about it. Maybe you were getting coffee on Monday morning, and the rain was coming down so hard you could hardly see the other side of the street from inside the cozy shop, and a shiver ran down your spine at the thought of having to step out there again. You place your order quickly, hoping to get the hell out as quickly as possible in order to get to work and finish the project you’d been struggling with, and you move to the side of the shop to wait for your drink.

Time seems to be passing in slow motion, and eventually you see the barista start making your drink. You move closer, hoping that would somehow make the process go faster, and someone else steps up with you. You glance at them and realize they too are waiting for the same cup, but they can’t have it. That’s the first thing you think. That’s when they turn and glance at you, the epiphany dawning on them as well, and to your surprise, a grin flashes on their face.

“Are you also waiting for that cup?”

You nod rapidly, blurting out, “Yeah and I’m kind of in a rush.”

They give you a once over, their smile never faltering, and nod as though in agreement. And when the cup is called out, they let you have it. And so you rush off, perhaps muttering a quick thank you, and move on with your day, week, month, with your life, and you never see each other again.

A minimal interaction with one person in 7 billion. It may seem trivial, but what about the fact that the chances of a beautiful relationship were destroyed in a few short moments because the life you’re so caught up in rushing through got in the way? Heart wrenching really.

And I know love that’s fallen apart or gone to shit is ugly and painful as hell, but what about loves that weren’t even given the chance to sprout? All these chances at love and relationships, missed because they weren’t sitting on the straight path our life is lived on.

Love that wasn’t even given a chance is just as heartbreaking as that love that has fallen apart.

All these missed connections, missed chances at love, seemingly insignificant, and the worst part is we’ll never know what could’ve been.  


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