The Best of Yourself

“Stop giving the best of yourself to the worst of people. You have to realize there are a lot of people out there who don’t deserve your best.

Save it. Until someone proves worthy of you in your best form, hold back. Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to prove it’s you that deserves them. Because the reality is it’s them that is worthy of being in your presence.

But that starts with believing it.

I know you aren’t arrogant or pompous or conceited. If you were even a little of those things you wouldn’t find yourself so hurt.

They say you have to love yourself before someone can love you, but it isn’t just about that; the truth is you have to just get to a point where you look at yourself in the mirror and think you’re worthy of the best kind of love. Then have enough strength and self-worth to walk away when someone doesn’t give that to you.

I’ll tell you what you don’t deserve. You don’t deserve someone’s half hearted love. You don’t deserve pain to feel normal. You deserve someone who is going to enhance your life in such a way it leaves you feeling whole, not someone who makes you feel empty as you wake to either no texts or a call at 3 am.

You have so much to offer someone, yet you don’t see it because you give so much, so soon, you don’t have anything left for yourself.

I know what it’s like to look at your phone and just be happy they answered. I know what it’s like to settle. But love is the last thing in your life you should settle for.

So start now. Promise yourself now, only give your best to people who have taken the time to prove they deserve it.

Those are the people who will appreciate your best. Those are the people you need to wait for.”

-@kirstencorleywriter via @thoughtcatalog // source: @poemsporn_ (instagram)


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