Let me start with this today- some fashion is not only cute and wonderful to wear, but also extremely comfortable. And personally, the more comfort, the better. So when I stumbled upon shortalls, it was love at first sight.

Although I find that in the summer it’s usually way easier to dress like you’re put together, there’s still that struggle of ‘I wore jean shorts every day this week and every outfit I now wear looks the same but I don’t want to stop wearing jean shorts’. So with shortalls, this problem is immediately resolved. You can still wear a t shirt and shorts, except these shorts also cover a bit of your shirt and require way more work when you have to go to the bathroom (still totally worth it). And there’s so much more to shortalls than a simple everyday outfit.

One great use for them is the beach or a boat trip or essentially any time you have to wear a suit or bikini of some kind and dresses or shorts are just not cutting it. Wearing shortalls immediately makes it look like you’re trying and succeeding at looking fly, but all you really did was put on one article of clothing (a+ way of looking put together).

Another great use that I love is wearing them with crop tops or fancy little bralettes that you’re not confident enough or too shy to wear with regular jean shorts. What’s great about this look is it’s like showing off that new top or sexy look but keeping it covered enough to be comfortable. It lets you rock that look you’ve been dying to show off but have been too shy to in a more nonchalant and comfortable way.

I bought my shortalls for last Christmas, and they’re from Free People. Unfortunately, they no longer make them, and when I got them I was able to get them on the back end of a sale, finding them for a fourth of the original price (good sales also always make clothes more attractive, honestly).

Anyways, due to my experiences, I highly recommend Free People for shortalls (I mean, I recommend Free People for a vast majority of things, but due to their steep prices, I always love to find alternatives). That being said, I’d have to say that good alternatives are the sale section of Free People (always and forever), Topshop, Urban (although also steep), sometimes Forever 21, sometimes Abercrombie, but often, it’s quality over quantity, and I can promise Free People delivers on the quality.


There are me and my overalls!


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