Loving Yourself (Pt. 6): Small Ways To Show Your Parents You Love Them

Sometimes it’s not about yourself, but rather those around you who love you and want to see you be the best version of yourself possible. In my personal experience, those people who have remained constant throughout my life have been my parents. They were there on day 1 and have been my number one fans ever since then, and it seems as though there’s just not enough I could possibly do to show them how much I love and appreciate them. But sometimes, it’s enough to drop a small sign here and there, making their day that much better.
-text them how much you love them, or just a simple, “What’s up?” Sometimes, less is more

-write them a letter, even if all you talk about is the weather

-calling is always a thing

-cut that habit you have that they hate

-go home for the holidays and don’t just sit in your room- sit in the living room and talk

-help cook a meal, or two

-if you can’t cook (@ me) do the laundry or tidy the house a bit- makes their day that much easier

-offer to chauffeur your siblings or even your parents

-try to explain pop culture to them, and start with memes

-text them random jokes, songs you liked, a random new fact you learned- keep them in the loop

-treat them to lunch or dinner

Remember, it’s often more about the thought rather than the gesture itself. Often, the smallest actions are appreciated more than the extravagant, exaggerated ones. So go out there and share some love- you owe it to both of you.


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