A Dedication to the Way You Tore Me to Pieces

“I can’t say loving you was easy. I can’t say it was easy like it’s easy to miss the sun during the winter and it wasn’t easy like loving the way leaves turn color in the fall. Loving you was so hard-

But nothing, nothing, could compare to losing you. When you left my life it felt like you branded every inch of my heart with a different memory and then blew it to pieces. It felt like I had pieces of my obliterated heart just floating through my bloodstream, and randomly, for no reason at all, some memory would make its way to my head and play behind my eyes like a movie screen. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to make it stop. Those technicolor movie showings made my day when you left. Every single day.

The worst part- the absolute worst part of it all, though, was that if you had told me you wanted me back?If you had decided that suddenly my love was enough? Well. I would’ve dropped to my knees and stuck tape between teeth and pieced every inch of my heart back together for you. I would’ve shoved my heart back into your arms and asked with tears in my eyes- God, please, please, make it better. I couldn’t bear to live my life through a movie that I don’t know how to play the part for anymore.”

-A Dedication to the Way You Tore Me to Pieces (via loveserum) (source: @poemsporn_ // instagram)


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