Ok, so maybe this is necessarily a trend, but more like a genius idea that I somehow managed to avoid for almost 19 years. Nonetheless, I’m going to have to talk a bit about it today because now that I started it, I can’t really help but encourage others to look into it.

Let’s start with that exactly is a thrift shop- it’s store in which there are racks and racks of clothes, all sold at relatively low prices, from any and all types of brands and stores. These clothes are secondhand, and tend to be in pretty good shape, making them really good purchase ideas when you feel the itch to shop but your wallet is not limitless.

Now there are two different positive sides to thrift stores, one more popular than the other. On the one hand, thrift shops are obviously great for buying. Prices are good and quality is usually pretty good, and often you can find really unique pieces that add that little personality to your closet. Recently, I was able to find a bomber jacket (similar) and not only is it absolutely adorable, but it was also only $20- definitely the cheapest jacket sitting in my closet right now.

On the other hand, thrift stores are great if you’re looking to make a profit. If you’re a bit short on cash and know that your closet is stuffed with clothes you no longer need, pull them all out and stuff them in bag and bring them to your closest thrift shop. Then as they go through them and decide what to keep and pay your for, hope for the best. Often, as long as the clothes are good quality, it’s likely you’ll do well, and walk out of there with one of the easiest profits in your life. But then when you get back home, make sure to put that money somewhere safe- let’s not burn through the cash as before.

And of course, not only is thrifting a great idea for your wallet, it’s super fun. Going with a close group of friends and trying on the weirdest clothes you can find is probably one of the funnest (and funniest) experiences, and more often than not still allows you to walk out with new closet additions.

So yeah, I highly recommend thrifting- made popular by Macklemore and kept in style by hipsters, it’s an experience you’ll never forget and one you’re least likely to regret.

P.S. If you’re in Philly, check out Buffalo Exchange on Chestnut Street- great selection and my favorite in the area!


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