Personally, my relationships with any and all of my emotions could be greatly improved. I try to hide them and stuff them in the corners of my heart only to realize that just makes them stronger than they were before. And lately, due to friends who probably have my best interest at heart, I’ve been trying to fix that- feeling more emotions and attempting to embrace them.

Unfortunately, one emotion I’ve always known about and felt vividly is hate. It has been by far the strongest, and my relationship with it has never really been too positive until as of late. It’s hard to confront people and the world when you’re constantly trying to tell yourself you hate it.

Often, I see people express strong distaste when someone admits to feel hatred within them, as though it’s a disease and can spread like a vicious disease. But it’s a feeling, one many of us feel, and creating a negative relationship with it only creates a negative outcome in the end. Since it’s already such a negative thing to feel, associating it with guilt and anger would only make it worse.

In an ideal world, we would never feel hate. We would love each other so much that competition and hatred would vanish, and happiness and love would take it’s place. But we live in a normal world, a world in which competition and cheating thrive amongst the highest levels of society, with people always trying to get ahead through whatever means necessary. Therefore hate is normal and almost necessary to feel.

And when it’s felt, it should be channeled positively- all that energy that is being used to hate can be way more productive than you can imagine. Channeling it correctly and effectively can and will change your life, not only changing the way you view hate, but also making it something that you can bear to feel without beating yourself down for being human. So no, I’m not saying you should love hating, but by God, don’t hate hating, especially while beating yourself down for it (you’re only human!).


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