Loving Yourself (Pt. 7): How To Cope With Heartbreak

Wow, ok, heartbreak is ugly. Not only did you lend the best of yourself to someone you thought you should trust, but they then took it and spit all over it. And now you’re probably angry. Or sad, or annoyed, or frustrated, or a mix of all of these or simply none of them at all- maybe you just feel empty, as though someone ripped out a vital part of your being.

However you feel, it’s probably slowly scratching at and taking over various parts of your life, engulfing you in thoughts that are better left unthought, better left buried beneath the layers of who you used to be. And I know it can be hard, and I know it can be scary, but there are ways to make it better. No matter how terrible it feels right now, there are ways to improve your situation and find the light in the midst of all your pain, you just gotta take the first step.

But first steps are hard to take, and that’s understandable, so that’s why you’re reading this, and why I’m here to tell you what you should do-

-find a newspaper and crumble every paper and throw each one as hard as you can (clean up your mess after obviously)

-write a journal entry, or two, or three

-read an embarrassingly easy book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid?) and laugh at the dumb jokes

-force yourself to smile every once in awhile- eventually you’ll be able to stop forcing it

-eat whatever you want when you feel like it (it’s your goddamn body)

-exercise your little heart out (the endorphins will feel incredible)

-do a little damage with a bit of online shopping- buy that top you’ve been eyeing

-put on your nicest lingerie and pamper yourself for a day, you deserve it

-cry, cry, cry- sometimes that’s the only therapy you need

-let yourself feel all the emotions and lay them out as you think best

-call your greatest confidante and start talking and don’t stop until you stop shaking and can breathe regularly

-scream for as long and as loudly as necessary

-take that new person up on the date they’ve been trying to have with you- you might surprise yourself

-take yourself on a date and remind yourself you were whole before them, and are still whole now- “You were a masterpiece before he admired you, and will continue to be long after he’s gone.”

-that old hobby you dropped because you didn’t have time? Make the time to find it and love it again

Obviously, getting over a broken heart takes time and dedication and determination. But taking baby steps is always better than sitting around and simply waiting for something to happen. So remember, this is not your destruction- this is simply your beginning.


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