It’s Okay

“It’s okay to want to be on your own for a little while. It’s okay to want to spend your time selfishly, or to put your needs and wants before anyone else’s. It’s okay to be lazy, to be active, to over-work, to veg out in bed all weekend, to hang with friends, or to spend your nights doing whatever the hell you want to do- this is your life, and no one can tell you how to live it.

We have such a negative perception of being alone, like ‘aloneness’ equates to loneliness. But it doesn’t have to. Being alone means being independent. It means knowing what you deserve and not settling. It means knowing what you want and not wasting your time pursuing something that doesn’t grow you. It means finding your way in a world that’s chaotic and crazy and ever-changing.

Being alone means being comfortable in your own skin.

There’s nothing wrong with being alone. With waking up and making breakfast for one, with third-wheeling alongside your favorite couple friends, with going on long runs with only music and sunshine to keep you company.

Stop worrying about when and where and how you’ll find your person. Stop feeling like you’re running out of time. Stop comparing your journey to everyone else’s and be happy where you are, right now.

You’re doing just fine.

And independence looks good on you.”

-@_marisadonnelly via @thoughtcatalog (@poemsporn_ // instagram)


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