With Food

This is a bit of a wilder post I’m about to make, for sure different than any others I’ve tried my hand at. Today I’m going to chat a bit about food, and how my personal relationship with it has grown and changed, and throw in a bit about the ideal way to live with it.


the best spread in the world

Food is amazing. It’s nutritious and delicious and more often than not makes you (at least me) happy. Things like pizza and ice cream and pastries and oh my god, now I’m hungry (I like to think that of the seven deadly sins, mine is most likely gluttony). My point is that not only is food vital to our lives, it’s also such a big part of our social culture and everyday life, so much so that it’s very unlikely that you can go for very long without stumbling upon it.

Personally, I’ve always loved food. Perhaps it’s because my mom is probably one of the best cooks in the world, or maybe just because I love eating good food, but I love it. There’s a weird sense of satisfaction that I’ve always associated with a good meal, and I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember.

Now, let me say something that might be a little shocking- I don’t exactly eat fruits or vegetables. I mean, if they’re cooked within a meal and it’s good and I can’t really taste them, it’s fine, but vegetables and fruits on their own are horrifying to me and I can’t physically do it. I don’t know why, but that is where my relationship with food is tarnished. And obviously, not eating fruits and vegetables makes most of my meals relatively unhealthy especially when my sweet tooth starts acting up. So lately my


pasta this good is just rare wow

relationship with food has been rocky, although it’s healing- I have found that it’s all about portions and trying to keep some sort of balance. Food is not something I should shy away from because of how much I could realistically eat, but rather something to enjoy in moderation, appreciating every bite and simply enjoying the experience (and of course keeping nourished).

The ideal relationship with food, I believe, is one of moderation and pleasure. Good food should never be wasted, and to avoid that not only should it be enjoyed, it should also not be overeaten, as that ruins the taste and ruins it’s uniqueness.

It sustains us and keeps our social life alive, and a shed of positive light should be kept on it, as it will be around for the rest of our lives.


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