My friends, we come across a quite wonderful topic today- perhaps even my favorite. Let me preface this with the fact that jewelry happens to be quite difficult for me. Of course it makes or breaks any outfit, and for that reason, it’s just so hard to make sure you assign the right jewelry to the right outfit, otherwise you’re a goner. So perhaps the reason I love rings so much is the fact that they are so easy to pick, since all that really has to match is the color of the metal. They’re a fun way to express yourself without being too vocal or obnoxious about it, and they also spice up your outfit. Not to mention, they definitely create the illusion of longer fingers, and who doesn’t want that?

Obviously, the best rings would be the expensive ones made of real silver or gold or perhaps titanium, but let’s get real- the expense is just not possible for the most part. This is why I personally resort to cheaper alternatives, such as Urban, Free People, or Forever 21 (not great for clothes but wonderful for cheap accessories). And let’s never forget the trusty old thrift stores- they always deliver at great prices, and if you want to learn more about that, check it out here.IMG_5728

My personal problem is that I always tend to buy rings that are silver, which is fine, but now I find that I have an imbalance between silver and gold, which is not good when I want to wear my gold rings and all I’m left to resort to is the same 4 rings while when I look for silver ones the selection increases exponentially. And the reason I say this imbalance is bad is because golds look better with natural colors, such as brown and rich burgundies, but silvers work better with cool colors like blue and grey. Maybe I’m the only person that makes this distinction, but I can’t help it- matching is everything in the perfect outfit.

Anyways, what I think I should wrap up with is besides the fact that I think everyone would benefit from adding rings into their everyday routines and outfits, there are always cheaper and more accessible ways to gain such accessories (and this goes for all accessories). The only warning I will give about the trade off in price for rings is the green stain cheap rings will often leave on fingers- it can be quite the sight if one is not used to it. But never fear- a good way to prevent this from happening is coating the ring in clear nail polish once before it’s ever used, and the color should be preserved and the green should be avoided.

So go out and find yourself some rings- add some bling to your day to day life!


the battle of golds versus silvers!


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