Reasons To Live

Sometimes, this life just seems to drag by as a tireless routine that repeats itself day in and day out, and all we have to look forward to are the little moments with friends, those minutes spent smiling at a dumb joke. It can even get to the point that those small moments that we were once able to cherish and look forward to are simply not enough, and everything ahead of us is the same as it always has been and always will be. The light that we once saw in our lives is snuffed out and all we are left with is our broken soul and salty tears running down our cheeks as we nurse a heartache that seems impossible to recover from. Those days that turn to weeks that turn to months are painful and dark and ugly and difficult to recover from, but I am here to tell you that it can be done, by God, it can be done. One day you’ll be able to look back on this time in your life and be glad it’s over and you survived, and I know that’s an abstract idea that’s almost impossible to grasp, but I know it’s written in your future, the day in which you remember all your struggles and grimace at them but thank yourself for pushing yourself through it.

But right now, you need reasons to wake up and get out of bed and begin the day. And that’s where I come in- there’s so many reasons to force yourself awake in the morning, even when it’s the hardest thing to do in the world, like…

-poetry- it’s everywhere, flowing in your veins with every breath you take, and deserves to be expelled into this terrible, sometimes ugly world

-the sunshine and it’s generous warmth

-your best friend’s smile and the way they squeeze your hand when they see you

-books- you can never read too many

-picture perfect opportunities

-your outfit of the day- give ‘em the old razzle dazzle

-“A meme a day keeps the doctors away”

-learning something new- either about yourself or just in general

-the generosity and beauty of strangers

-give yourself time and you might change the world

-think about all the desserts you’re probably missing out on

-you have a story to tell, and how can you tell it all the way from your bed, or worse yet, when you’re gone

-music and the joy it can bring you

-you might miss out on truly spectacular weather

Of course, this is such a short list, and you could go on and on and on, even tallying up to a 1,000 reasons to live, but I’ll let someone else do that (check it out here).

But here’s the bottom line- push yourself out of bed, push yourself to live out yet another day, because you may be better off for it tonight. Force yourself to interact with the vibrant world that surrounds us at all times because it’s there and it’s all for you- this is all for you and only you.


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