About Me: Why The 13th?

Another month, another 13 days in, and you know what that means- new post with a little about me!

So today I wanted to keep it a bit shorter than usual, and simply discuss why I chose the 13th as a designated day to discuss me and my life and my blog decisions. The answer that’s short and sweet is that I was born May 13, and ever since then the 13th has been my favorite day of every month as well as being my lucky number. And this is where I can give a bit more explanation.

So I’ve always been interested in the fact that everyone seems to fear the number 13 and the number 17, especially since I was born on one of the two dates. And because everyone tries to insist that these number are unlucky and that anything linked to them is unfortunate, I’ve always liked to believe that they are the luckiest numbers in the world.

I’ll admit I tend to believe in most superstitions, but these number ones have always been very different for me- they just don’t seem to click with the fear factor people like to tie them with. So for that, I like to tie anything that has some kind of real meaning for me to that- the unlucky 13.


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