I Hope

I hope the way they treated your love haunts them forever. The way you poured your soul into them, the way you turned every darkness they had into light. May they long for you in the moments when they are looking for someone who loves them, who understands them, and can find no one who does it as well as you.

I hope the way they let you go haunts them forever. You deserved better than a text message, a phone call, a cold voice that had no more time to spend than a few seconds on you. You deserved better from someone you trusted with your heart, who demanded your surrender and then left you for someone else. May their eyes always look away in shame when someone mentions your name.

I hope the way they dismissed your effort haunts them forever. The heartache that they put you through because their pride was more important. The amount of times that they were late and you forgave them because that is just what people who are deeply in love do. May they be treated the same way and remember that this was how they treated someone who once gave their heart and soul to them, someone who deserved better.

I hope that one day their ghost leaves your dreams and you aren’t haunted by them forever. May your soul heal. Repeat to yourself every night before you fall into that fitful sleep:

I deserved better than this. And I will love again.

Because that is the truth, darling. That is the purest truth about you. You deserve someone who treats your love like it is more precious than anything else in the world.

I hope that you forget the way they treated you and someone else treats you a thousand times better. Your ability to love has been tested with fire and you may be burned, but you have come out alive despite all your tears. Your heart has been broken, but it is strong enough to mend. You have fallen in love before and you will fall in love again.

@nikita_gill via @thoughtcatalog (source: @poemsporn_ // instagram)


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