The Person in the Mirror

Whenever you look at your reflection, your sometimes broken and weary reflection yet sometimes happy and excited reflection, a million thoughts must dash through your mind. I’m sure that some that run through are positive, but the vast majority may be negative, suppressing the positivity that’s desperately trying to come out. And each time that happens, your smile slips a little and that sparkle in your eye dulls a bit as you start believing the negativity that swims around in your mind.

I know that person that’s looking back at you in the mirror is beautiful. I know that person in the mirror is full of potential and perseverance and has a wonderful future to look forward to, and tearing that person down will not do anything to help it. Sitting and staring back at yourself with anger and hatred and contempt is just a waste of precious time that you could be using to become a kinder and more loving person.

The relationship between you and that person in the mirror is precious and special and extremely important but is also often the relationship that is most easily tarnished by outside expectations. It’s so easy to look at models and magazines and believe the bullshit that they’re trying to sell, trying to stuff down your throat. They keep repeating that you have to be skinny and you have to be athletic and you have to exercise and you have to be a certain size to be beautiful, and at the same time you should have certain haircuts and your hair must be a certain color and your makeup must be done perfectly so, and so on and so forth. They try to sell you products you don’t need to create a perfect image of the ‘regular’ guy and girl that’s nearly impossible to ever achieve, and they often mess with people’s self perception, so the mirrors in their bathrooms and bedrooms become fun house mirrors, except they incite tears and anger instead of laughs.

Please, for the love of yourself, ignore those dumb magazines who think they can profit off of you by trying to force you to be someone you’re not. Please look back at your reflection and notice the way the light hits your eyes so well, how your smile lights up your whole face, how those small imperfections on your beautiful face make you not only unique but a masterpiece of sorts.

Please remember that no matter what, you are so important and unique and there are people out there who would give their left leg to see you smile. There’s people who get excited when you text them and those that love your jokes and there’s strangers who’ve passed you who’ve thought about the way your hands would feel tangled in their hair. Please remember this and try, just try, to turn all that love that you give to others and keep some for yourself. You are worth your love- please always remember.


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