Organization and Keeping Neat

A relationship with your cluttered habits- the way you throw your stuff on the floor as soon as you walk into your room or perhaps the way you stuff all the clothes you can possibly fit into the drawers in the corner of your room. Maybe you don’t really see it as a relationship but more as a thing you do, something that has been a part of you as long as you can possibly remember and you can never see vanishing from your future. But I am here to give you some good news- it doesn’t have to be that way. All that messiness really is is a habit, something you picked up as you were growing up because perhaps it was easier to be messy or you simply didn’t have time to keep everything in it’s place, the thought of neatness too stressful for you.

Here’s the thing; being neat is not as hard as it may seem. The most work that is required is right at the beginning, when you need to find a place for everything you own and make sure it’s a good place from which you will easily reach whatever you need. So let’s start there I guess. When trying to organize all your stuff, make sure that whatever you use all the time is fairly visible and can be reached easily. Anything that’s less essential can lurk in the corners of your room, as long as it finds its own spot and is organized. What I suggest is grouping similar things together, like hair products and books and jewelry.

After you have found a spot for everything, take a second and admire how great everything looks. If it’s your bedroom you’re organizing, I recommend making your bed- 10/10 improvement. Anyways, now that everything has its own spot, it’s time to continue with your day. And this is where the real challenge comes in, where you prove that your dedication to being neat is real.

I’m sure that within a short amount of time, you will have picked something up, or needed one of those essential items, and now you probably have an urge to simply throw it somewhere random instead of walking two extra steps to put it back where you found it. That’s the part that makes this really work. You take those extra steps and put it back where it came from, and begin to create new habits. Habits where things go back where they belong and everything gets its own place. You have to establish this relationship with the space around you- a relationship based on things getting placed where they belong and one based on keeping oneself accountable. You can do this, and grow this relationship into one of the strongest in your life, but it starts with you and a bit of will.


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