There’s just something about the whole idea of movement and effort that really gets to some people, me included. The fact that you have to get up and spend valuable energy in order to actually exercise is really overwhelming sometimes, you know. But of course, it’s vital and it’s important even though it sucks to actually get up and do it.

I’ve always found that my relationship with exercise has been kind of rocky, perhaps stemming from the fact that I am a swimmer so exercise is probably one of my longest relationships. If I just think about the idea of exercising, I love it. It’s like one of the best, most beautiful ideas in the world. It just seems like the perfect pastime- getting more fit and making endorphins and being able to eat more food during the day. Theoretically, I think everyone loves exercise. It’s the actual doing it thing that gets to people.

The problem, if you will, is that it requires time out of one’s day to usually go out of your way to do it, so people will avoid it like the plague. It also sometimes comes down to the sole lack of knowledge that many people have- it can be intimidating to walk to into a gym where everyone seems to know what they’re doing and you’re just milling about hoping that inspiration might strike you eventually.

IMG_0537 2

The Georgia Peaches before (almost) winning

But this relationship can be one of the best in your life if you just work on it a little. One thing that I’ve found helpful is building it into your everyday routine so that it becomes like second nature. Taking the first step is always the most important, but once it becomes a part of everyday life, it becomes much easier to confront it daily. Another thing that may help is trying to find the kind of exercise that works for you. I know that for me, swimming, (little) running and some weight lifting is the best mix. But everyone’s different- some people prefer taking classes or just going on long walks or biking. Each person is going to find different things that work for them, and it’s important to pay attention to that because forcing yourself into exercise that you really hate is a terrible experience.

Sometimes, making a calendar helps. I know that I’ve tried that but it’s never really been my favorite way to go about it. But often it may be the thing that motivates you out the door and towards the gym.

So remember- take the first step and mark your relationship. You can’t start any sooner than right now, and it will be the first step in building one of the most important relationships in your life.  


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