I once read a quote talking about how strange sleep really is, as it’s just a commonly accepted idea that you lie down on a bed and go unconscious for 5 to 12 hours. But obviously you have to do it- it’s a part of everyday life and unfortunately without it, you would not live very long.

The thing is that in our society, we tend to put sleep last on our list of priorities. We live in a world where everything is rushed and everything needs to be done as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. Due to that, we tend to prioritize big time and forget about sleep because we can’t do anything ‘valuable’ in that time. But that’s not the case at all. Our body does so many valuable things in our sleep that you wouldn’t even believe- it’s a time where we can recharge and get our focus back, a time where we can relax more fully and successfully than possible when awake.

There are so many health benefits to sleeping, such as:

-improving memoryIMG_5778

-living longer and improving quality of life

-spur creativity

-improve your grades

-sharpen your attention

-reach a healthier weight

-lower stress levels

-clearer thinking

-stronger immune system

-healthier skin

-you’ll be less likely to make risky financial decision

But to build a healthy relationship with sleep is difficult. It’s always going to feel like there’s something more important you may need to do at the moment, or as though skimping out on quality sleep is better than just spending the extra 2 hours asleep. What you have to remember is that sleep should be a priority. If you begin to think about it in that way, then dealing with it becomes much easier. If you build a relationship with it by prioritizing it, it can become a healthy and prosperous relationship. It can become a relationship that improves your day to day life, and there are many ways to do it, such as:

-limit your caffeine intake, especially close to bedtime

-make a consistent sleep schedule

-eat less at dinner time

-try to take less naps

-try to consistently exercise

-keep the temperature kind of cool

-try to limit technology use before sleep

So, please, make sure to prioritize that sleep! Good luck and always remember that beauty sleep!



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