As one of the biggest overlooked classic trends in the fashion world, overalls are really quite something. For some reason, they’re often seen as a huge fashion risk, but they don’t really have to be- and hear me out.

First of all, overalls have been around for forever. But I’m going to stick to discussing the jeans version, which came about as a kind of uniform for farmers to wear when working all day in the fields. They were comfortable and could easily be worn without a shirt while helping to prevent major chest sunburns. Then in the late 70s they rose in the fashion world, and became popular once again in the 90s. And lately, they’ve been making yet another comeback due to their comfort and ease.IMG_5948

Let me tell you, I wasn’t in love with the trend when it first started cropping up. I loved the shortalls (read about them here), but normal overalls scared me. Jeans have always been hard for me to find, so when they had extra fabric to them and were a little more unique than I was normally comfortable with, I shied away. I think I always somewhat admired them, but I wouldn’t even bother trying them on for fear of what they may look like. Looking back now, I’m not really sure if I was more scared they would look bad or they would look good. But now, I am so glad I decided to invest I can’t even explain.

Of course, it takes a bit to find the perfect pair. Not only do you have to make sure you have the right type (that requires choosing between flare bottoms, skinny bottoms, fitted, boot, cropped, so on and so forth), but finding the right size is another adventure. I mean, sure, it tends to be around the same size as your jeans, but every brand has completely different cuts, and then overalls themselves may be sized different from your trusty pair of jeans, so if there’s one thing I can recommend, it’s that you try them on. Even if you think you find the perfect pair, double check. For such a staple, it’s pretty important that they frame your body as well as possible.

My pair are from Free People, and you can find them here. They are on the pricier side, but I can guarantee that the quality is there- I love them so much and definitely do not regret this buy. Other places that have great options are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Levis (always a great option for any kind of jeans).

So happy shopping and make sure to invest in a nice pair of overalls! Good luck!


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