Take A Chance

Take a chance on me.

Take a chance on me. Because the timing’s always going to be wrong and the stars are never going to align but I would break every clock in this city and I’d shut every star down from shining if it meant that for one afternoon we could cast all that aside and give in. Give in to the complete impossibility that something could work here, despite everything that stands in the way. Give in to the way that your touch makes me shiver and your words make my mind race and reel. Give in to the improbability that this is going to work out or end well or fall into place exactly as we’d hoped or that any of it will be even half worth it in the end. Give in to senselessness. Give in to you, finally giving in to me.

Take a chance on me because no chance ever works out. Because every relationship seems to end in heartbreak and every new beginning eventually reaches a conclusion but we have all of the time in the world between those two points and I intend to enjoy every second. Because someday I might hate the way you squint when you’re concentrating and you might despise the way I pace when I’m nervous but right now you are perfect and endearing and pure and why shouldn’t we get to enjoy that?

Take a chance on me, even though I cannot promise it will be worth it. I have no guarantees, no crystal ball, no vision of the future where we’re happy and healthy and together for the rest of our days. I have been promised too many forevers to have much faith in them anymore so instead I’d like to offer you right now. I can offer you only this moment, where I’m standing in front of you knowing all of this may someday fall apart but that someday is not what I’m looking for anymore. I have right here and right now and all I can hope is that that is enough. That we can figure out the future as it comes.

Take a chance on me – because I want to take a chance on you.

-@heidipriebe (source: @thoughtcatalog // instagram)


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