Pura Vida

I’ve found that casual jewelry tends to be very hard to find. Maybe it’s because I have an annoying sense of style in which very few pieces of jewelry can fully satisfy me, but alas. What’s important is that this comes into play especially when I look for jewelry that is supposed to channel a cooler, more relaxed vibe- you know, the vibe where you pretend you’re not really trying even though you’re trying extremely hard? Yeah, that one.

So to find the perfect bracelets, it took me a while. But eventually, I stumbled upon Pura Vida. What initially attracted me to their site was the simplicity and beauty of their bracelets, but what kept me there was their promise to charity. Their bracelets are made by local artisans in Costa Rica, therefore giving jobs to people who are amazing at making these beautiful little bracelets. What’s more is that some bracelets are even made for specific charities, such as cancer awareness charities or animal awareness charities.

I love this site and love their products so much, and I’m so happy I get to share this with you guys. My first purchases were three bracelet packs (they only have one left- here), and a single charm bracelet (here– but in blue). It was a bit tough finding ways to wear them initially, as I wasn’t even used to wearing bracelets in general, but once I began using them, I couldn’t stop. They match and pull together so many outfits, and I owe it to them for every St. Patty’s Day for the green pack (I can’t seem to buy green clothes on time- ever).

Anyways, ever since those first purchases, I find myself making constant trips back to their site to see what’s new. One of my favorite, most recent purchases from the site was an anklet that’s easy to wear all the time, even now that it’s cold and jeans are the go-to (here).

So please, check the site out- if only for the talented artisans, I’m sure you’ll end up sticking around for the wonderful jewelry.


PSA: If you are interested, throw in the promo code GIORGIAPIANTANIDA20 and receive a 20% discount! (disclaimer- I do receive a small commission if you do)



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