Her Story

It was just supposed to be yet another boring math class in the long cycle of requirements public schools shoved down students’ throats year after year. She walked in the first day not expecting much, knowing hours of work and endless problems would be introduced into her life in a few short minutes. When she sat down behind him, she didn’t pay much attention to him. After all, he was just another silly junior- how would that ever actually affect her life?

The next day that silly junior turned around, giving her a light smile and introducing himself softly, as though unsure of himself and scared of her reaction. She eagerly shook his hand, excited to meet someone new- a new soul to explore and get to know. She was good at ignoring the fact that the way he looked at her made her feel all warm inside, or the fact that his hand seemed to fit just right in hers.

Months went by and the conversation between them increased, eventually leading up to long nights of texting and never ending heart to hearts until she could no longer control the beating of her heart whenever he strolled into the room or the way her palms would clam up when she spoke to him. She waited around, dropping hint after hint of her attraction and interest, telling me of her feelings and despair at his aloofness.

Being the strong and beautiful woman she is, she gathered up the courage to finally ask him out and hope for the best, and I was thankful it all started working out. Though slow as can be, they finally started becoming a thing, something more substantial than loose friends who were not so secretly busy falling for each other.

Their relationship went on for months, the beginning being a beautiful joyride where everything was new and fun, but as the days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, they started encountering obstacles. Some they managed to push each other through and grow stronger, but some they were forced to ignore, stashing them in their closets until they were bursting with hidden emotions that, little did they know, would just explode out at a later time.

Time was always a problem for them though they had always managed to be a little smarter than it, so the one time they weren’t, it bit them in the rear.

She had packed everything up neatly, ready to be shipped off to a new adventure known as college, but he was destined to stay behind, spend his last year at school back home and have the experiences she’s enjoyed with him the year before.

Distance kept them apart but they were relentless, determined to maintain the balance they’d managed to find over their short summer together, and for a while, they did. Though it was getting strained and hard to keep the relationship alive, she grabbed it tight, hoping against hope it would remain intact due to sheer will.

As all good things do, they had to find the end in their little adventure, and it tore them apart. Two people who simply wanted to give and receive love forced to part ways because perhaps the timing wasn’t right and perhaps the distance just wasn’t working out very well- that’s a true heartbreaker. Both so willing and ready to experience the devotion the other had to give them forced apart by the most wicked of all- time itself.

Sure, maybe they weren’t the perfect couple everyone wanted to be when they saw them together. And maybe they got ragged on for being together, relentlessly and sometimes viciously, but it was special. It was something important, a time in which they were both able to grow into the people they’re meant to be, to become a little more them than before. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be, but it was most certainly not a waste of time- not a waste of tears nor a waste of love nor a waste of time. Just because it didn’t work out in the way they may have intended doesn’t make it any less beautiful or worthwhile, but rather a beautiful memory that they will carry with them forever, resting somewhere deep in their bones.


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