Coffee Shop Blues

Humans have long taken on

The ephemeral loneliness of existence.

It’s seen in poems and stories,

Documents and journals,

A universal battle against existential depression,

Every intellectual eloquently documenting it

And every average Joe feeling that same dread

A sort of void at the epiphany of the little part we have in the world

The speck of dust on the speck of dust in the speck of dust that is the universe

And we all call it something different whether it be

Depression, dark days, long lasting loneliness, or coffee shop blues

But it’s just an acceptance of what we really are

The disparaging shadow of nihilism we wish would go away

We all feel this

But the truth is we learn to overcome it

Some ignore, some embrace, and others learn that it will never go away

But they realize that our lives are consequential to those we influence

Even if our bubble of influence is small

So let’s embrace the fact we all feel inconsequential sometimes

And help others through their dark days

Because once we truly overcome this darkness

Then we can truly




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