Your Scale (and Weight)

It’s one thing to look in the mirror and learn to love yourself- to simply gaze at your soft curves and harsh lines scattered all over your body and appreciate them all. Of course, it’s difficult, and of course it’s not a process that just happens overnight, but it can be done. And sometimes, this already difficult process is only further complicated by the fact that self love and body image is often tied with the idea of a number on a scale. This number sometimes becomes pivotal in the way we view ourselves and becomes the mirror through which we judge and view ourselves, as though what we see with our eyes isn’t good enough.

I know the struggle, trust me. The problem is that we’re only human and we fall in these traps quickly and easily, our resistance barely helping to stop the fall. Numbers are tangible and they allow us to see real progress, some type of actual change, and it’s almost comforting to know that there’s actual fact of the changes we tend to gloss over in our body. Sometimes, it gets too far and completely controls the way we view ourselves, becoming the only value we assign to our self-worth.

I’ve been there, and I know it’s no fun. When suddenly the way you view and treat yourself starts to revolve around the fact that the number on the stupid scale is too high or a little lower than the day before, you start a dangerous game with yourself. You evaluate your life and the way others see you on something you may think is valid because it’s there, and you know, as they say, the scale never lies. But damnit, I wish you knew how wrong people are when they let words tumble out of their big mouths.

A scale is nothing more than a measurement of the Earth’s gravity keeping you anchored to this planet. It’s simply a number, and everyone’s number is going to be different because we’re all built in our own unique way. We’re all different sizes and shapes, and because of that, we should never be trying to compete against ourselves and each other. It’s not a race, and even if it is, it’s not about a number and it’s not about other people. It’s about you and the way you see yourself and let others see you and allowing yourself to receive the amount of respect you deserve. You’re worth more than a stupid number or people’s scathing comments, and you’re worth more than the judgements you throw at yourself when you look in the mirror- you’re worth the sun and the moon and all the stars combined, and no number should ever let you feel like you’re worth any less.

You’re so beautiful, so striking in your ways and mannerisms, and when you walk in the room you should let your presence be known. I know you’re cowering somewhere in your dark corners, scared of the number you’ve been seeing lately, and hating the comments you hear in the background of your everyday life, you stay there, hoping that way you can avoid the negativity you’ve forced yourself to become acquainted with. But you can do better than that- you owe it to yourself to feel love for yourself and to feel it fully and unabashedly. Don’t let some random, harmless number change the way you smile or the way you feel because it’s not worth it. You’re not worth that kind of pain- you’re worth the love you have to give yourself, you just have to believe you’re worthy of it.


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